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Aviv Ben-Meir, MD, FACSThe leader of our practice, Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir, has been practicing Bariatric and General Surgery in Cleveland since 2002. In fact, he was one of the first surgeons to perform laparoscopic weight loss surgery in Cleveland and has probably been performing bariatric surgery in Cleveland for longer than any other surgeon.

He has performed well over 4000 laparoscopic bariatric operations and thousands of other general surgical operations including hiatal hernia repairs, paraesophageal hernia repairs, gallbladder removals, colon surgery and hernia surgery. He intentionally does not have resident surgeons or surgical fellows to ensure that he is performing all parts of his patients’ operations. Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir is board certified in general surgery and fellowship-trained in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. He has devoted his career to his patients and is ready to help you take your first steps towards a healthier life.

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Making the decision to have bariatric surgery is not easy. Most people consider surgery for several years before they decide to move forward. If you have tried to lose weight without success or have lost and gained weight over and over, weight loss surgery may be the best option for you. Choosing to have weight loss surgery is not taking the easy way out or a sign of weakness or personal failing. To the contrary, it is having the courage to acknowledge you have the medical problem of obesity and doing something to treat it.

Once you have decided to move forward with bariatric surgery, the next step is to complete our online webinar. Click the link here. Once you create a login, you will watch eight short videos of Dr. Ben-Meir discussing different aspects of the operations he performs. After you watch each video and complete the short quizzes that follow each of them, you will be asked to provide your demographic and insurance information as well as answer four health questions. We need this information to contact your insurance company to confirm your plan covers bariatric surgery. We will contact you within two weeks of you submitting your webinar and explain your next steps.

We welcome you to the Lake Health Bariatric Surgery Center. You are not alone: every member of the program/office is dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss goals and experience the benefits that come with this. We know that choosing to have bariatric surgery is both an exciting and emotional decision. In our office, you will feel welcomed and comfortable, never judged. We are here to help, and accompany you on your weight loss journey. Let’s begin by taking the first step…together.

Testimonials Of Life After Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Ben-Meir cares about his patients physically, mentally, and emotionally. He cares about patient’s future and their well being. Dr. Ben-Meir and his wonderful staff have changed my life for the better and helped me maintain a steady path on the road to good health.

M. Shier
Dr. Ben-Meir is one of the most respectful, professional, and kind doctors I have experienced at Lake Health. He has a wonderful sense of humor that puts me at ease. Everyone in his office, the bariatric nurses on the surgery floor, and any staff his patients interact with are first class and caring professionals
Would Recommend Him to Anyone, Very Good Doctor And Respectful. .The Best Doctor To go to for Weight loss Surgery! !!!
Uncle Ray Ray

Important Covid-19 Update

The Lake Health Bariatric Surgery Center is open and accepting new patients. If you are interested in weight loss surgery, take the first step by completing an online webinar at

Upon receiving your webinar, we will check your insurance benefits and contact you regarding your next step. We look forward to seeing you soon!